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StreamWIDE for Operators

With a comprehensive end-to-end offer ranging from core network solutions to mobile and web applications, StreamWIDE assists carriers and service providers worldwide in facing the challenge from over-the-top service providers and shaping their value-added-service innovation. StreamWIDE next generation software technology enables legacy system replacement, as well as innovative VAS & OTT-like service.

  • Mobile Messaging
  • Call Completion
  • Visual Voicemail
  • Virtual Numbers
  • Convergent charging
  • Routing


Technology to Move at the Speed of OTT players

As Over-the-top (OTT) service providers seize more market share each day, with an ability to test and deploy new services in a matter of weeks, Operators and Service providers need to invest in VAS and OTT technologies that let them adapt to this new pace. Since its incorporation in 2001, StreamWIDE engineers bet on the convergence between telecom and IT technologies, convinced of the terrific value IP, web services and open APIs could bring in terms of innovation, Time-to-Market and total cost of ownership for operators.


End-to-End Solutions from Application Servers

StreamWIDE takes an end-to-end approach to its value-added-services by encompassing both SIP/CAMEL application servers and mobile apps in its offering. Operators will benefit from comprehensive white-label VAS solutions to deliver best-of-broad user experience to their residential and business subscribers.


Reliability of a field-proven technology

StreamWIDE empowers innovation of more than 130 mobile and fixed operators around the world, delivering supporting technology to 100 million end-users in more than 70 countries around the world. We are proud to be trusted by large Tier1 as well as by smaller Tier3 companies, to whom we deliver 24/7 worldwide support.


Cloud-capable Technology

Thanks to its 100% software model, StreamWIDE application servers can be deployed with equal performances and reliability whether on a physical server or on a virtual machine. As a result, operators can virtualize their VAS infrastructure and leverage many benefits including faster application deployment, savings on hardware resources & maintenance.

NextGen VAS & OTT applications Portfolio

StreamWIDE surpasses its competition by offering a comprehensive, custom or off-the-shelf Next Generation Telecom Value-Added-Services (VAS) product line that adapts to all types of core networks, from legacy TDM, 2G, 3G, to LTE, pre-IMS and IMS networks, and serves multiple markets, from online service providers to mobile, landline, business and MVNO operators.

Our applications servers are organized by families of services including Mobile Messaging, Call Completion, Charging, Multimedia, Marketing, Reachability, Interconnection and Service Creation Environment.